ROX MUSIC and ARTS is a fully registered charitable company based in the sunny seaside resort of Bognor Regis, West Sussex (South UK) managed by a board of (currently, five) unpaid volunteer trustee directors.

Our aims and objectives have remained the same for a quarter of a century – to advance the education, awareness, and appreciation of The Arts and allied creative industries and to provide opportunities for artistes to perform and exhibit.

The charity’s reputation for promoting and presenting freely accessible quality events on a not-for-profit basis grows all the time. Having struggled with enforced changes of location, ever present funding concerns, and the introduction of increasingly complex regulation, it is testament to the courage and committment of two musicians from Bognor Regis, Steve Goodheart and Terry Slade who, way back in 1990, first organised an impromptu open air concert on the seafront.

Confronted by an all pervading 20th century brutalism that had taken a wrecking ball to their town’s most iconic Sixties entertainment venues (notably The Rex Ballroom, The Esplanade Theatre, and The Shoreline Club and Caribbean style Youth Hotel ! ) their frustration in having nowhere decent to perform, directly resulted in the birth of The ROX Music and Arts Free Festival.

The indefatigable energy of Steve and Terry and their fellow officers eventually resulted in ROX Music and Arts receiving a clutch of Arts, Community, Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism, Promotion and Marketing trophies, especially in recent years……. like any overnight sensation !

In July 2015 ROX Music and Arts celebrated its 25th Year of providing community music and arts access to Bognor Regis and surrounds,  by mounting another huge weekend of free entertainment throughout the town and seafront.(despite inclement weather which closed three outside stages on Sunday 26th).

However,  26 years later in 2016,  having previously attracted over 30,000 visitors annually,  to probably the UK’s largest and oldest surviving free festival,  ROX has succumbed to the inevitable shortfall in community arts funding, both private and public.  The 2016 Festival weekend on Saturday July 30th & Sunday July 31st will have to take place on a smaller scale incorporating existing venues instead of purpose building our own seafront Festival site.

The mid-summer Bognor Rox Festival however, was only ever the culmination, the jewel in the crown, so to speak, of the charity’s year-round activity.

ROX Music and Arts has gradually formed successful partnerships with many local industry, small businesses, and educational facilities. The University of Chichester (who have their own expanding Campus in Bognor Regis), the highly successful Butlins leisure business and the Town, District and County Councils all provide important support to the charity in recognition of the community work it carries out throughout the year. This vital support, coupled with a Bognor Regis Regeneration grant award, has enabled the ROX Music and Arts team of volunteers to deliver countless high quality Live Music shows; Workshop type experiences; Pop Up Community Events, and Artistic happenings which include the free annual Halloween Party every October and the ROX In The Park springtime event (in conjunction with the 3rd. year Event Management degree Students of the University).

So,  The Beat Goes On and once again Bognor ROX on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st July 2016

Always working towards Changing lives through Music and Arts.


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To view the Rox Music and Arts Charity Commission Information please click here

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